The Attila product includes the functionality of Attila4MC and the Attila deterministic solver optimized for standalone forward and adjoint calculations. The state-of-the-art Attila solver deterministically solves the Linear Boltzmann Transport Equation, without the use of empirical corrections. The Attila deterministic solver is well suited for calculating global solutions, especially in deep penetration cases, and for rapid design iterations.

Attila employs accurate and efficient linear-discontinuous (LD) finite element spatial differencing, which allows for significantly larger element edge lengths compared with conventional discrete ordinates solvers. The use of arbitrary body-fitted tetrahedral elements allows for anisotropic elements through high gradient shields, while quickly transitioning to larger elements in low scattering regions. Combined, these features enable accurate solutions to be obtained with orders of magnitude fewer elements than conventional Cartesian element solvers.

Features of Attila include:

  • Full capabilities of Attila4MC
  • Robust and convergent deterministic solver
  • Efficient through large attenuations
  • Solution field calculated everywhere
  • Comprehensive options for quantitative post processing
  • Integrated visual post processing
  • Distributed memory parallel upgrade option for near linear scaling across many processors

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